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Welcome to the Ceramic forum

Introducing innovative technologies for the the ceramic industry

The Ceramic Forum worldwide network with its diversified knowledge is a valuable resource to consult and will be continuously introducing innovative technologies.


The Ceramic Forum, a knowledge base of expertise contributed to by over Ceramic Forum members each specialized in their own field of technology, territory, business or management.
Herewith some examples of project involvement in the past:

Profession related:

Product related:

Equipment related:

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more Tableware

more Raw material handling

more Audits

more Heavy clay

more Drying

more Material science

more Sanitary ware

more Electrical kilns & driers

more Human recourses

more Kiln furniture

more Tunnel kiln plants

more Process engineering

more Environment

more Annaerobic digestion

more Contract & Project man.

more Waste to Energy

more Robotics handling

more Technical management

more Colours & coatings

more Visualisation

more Turn-key projects

more Advanced ceramics

more Laser & optics

more Freelance engineers

more Refractories

more Used equipment

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Global Business

Tableware- Sanitary - Electrical porcelain - Kiln furniture Refractory. Aid in establishing new markets, sourcing new suppliers, buyers and agents and ceramic projects worldwide. Sources direct white ware products, raw materials, new & second hand machinery and equipment for the fine ceramic industry. Sales and marketing, of new products. Refractory/kiln furniture (cordierite, mullite, SiC, Re-crystallized/infiltrated SiC ( slabs supports, beams, rollers, burner nozzles) direct sales. English - German - French. Export Director. Entire Asia - China - Australia - Middle East - Russia - Spain/Portugal - South America - Africa.

Audits - Fine Ceramic Plants

Managing Director / Design Engineer. Pre-acquisition audits. Revaluation of plants. Background: Basic tableware plant design - Mechanical / Electrical machinery basic design. Trouble shooting, ergonomic improvements to obtain better quality and manufacturing costs. Expertise in handling and rationalization of process infra structure. Process re-engineering. Definition of Research + Development programs. Analysis of production methods Assistance with investment programs. Short-term troubleshooting and technical assistance. Market analysis and now product development Construction and integration of Quality systems French - English.

Professor Consultant

Ceramic colours, refactories (cordierite bodies), fused silica bodies- Brick and Roofing plants - control , research , production , development of new products -management of companies / accounting procedures in the company management - pressing , casting , electrostatic spaying - West & East Europe - USA - Canada - Australia - South-Africa - Far East - Japan. - French / English.

Human Resources

Professional - industrial psychologist familiar with the ceramic industry - Human resources development - career.

General Management

Chief Executive Officer UK and Southern Africa Refractory extruded and pressed bricks - Brick manufacture - Ceramic tile manufacture. Consulting in most manufacturing environments. Specific knowledge is in business process re-engineering.Organizational / Operational: Transformation and adding money to the bottom line.


15 Years in the Ceramic Industry, translating documents, seminars, meetings, etc. German / English / French and other languages. Good Knowledge of fine ceramic technologies.

Technical Management Heavy Clay

Technical management, operations and business management - microwave expert, heavy clay raw materials, processing and technology - specialist in trouble shooting / analyzing - South Africa - U.S.A. - Australia - Western Europe.

Turn-Key Heavy Clay Plants

30 years Top level management, Commercial & Technical. Complete Plants for Brick, Roofing tile, Split-tiles, as well as intermittent kilns,roller kilns and fast firing kilns for the fine ceramic industry. -Technical problem solving concerning kiln building. Evaluatingoffers / projects both technical and commercially. Past projects in Europe - Asia - North and South America - North Africa.

Free Lance Engineers

A number of free lance engineers are on our list ready for troubleshooting, supervision of installations, commissioning engineers and part time operation managers. Experienced and used by the main Ceramic Plant & Equipment suppliers are used to operate independently world wide.


Longstanding experience from 3 continents in the manufacture of Porcelain, Vitrified Hotelware, Fine China, Stoneware, Earthenware and the once-firing process. Production, Technical and General Manager … Technical Director. Expertise in body and glaze development, product development, article profile construction (body), manufacturing standards, quality and yield management, international raw materials, material processing and control, process control, product testing. Specialised in faultfinding … causes/remedies! Sound knowledge of Plaster of Paris and synthetic materials and the making of casings and moulds (including pressure casting, ram-pressing etc.). First hand experience of the roller making process, body preparation, jiggering, casting, pressure casting, slip rheology, fast-casting slip. Firing of ceramic tableware in various types of kilns and under different requirements. Glaze preparation, spray and dip glazing process. Underglaze, onglaze and inglaze decoration techniques manually and automated application. Engobe decoration. Kiln furniture and car superstructures. Design of profile setters for flatware. Design of casing rings for flatware and cups etc. Material handling, process rationalisation, quality and productivity improvement, optimising product flow. Experience and successful application of the JIT and Total Quality Management principles. Successful training programme and training of staff. Knowledge of the isostatic dust-pressing technology. English/German.

Floor & Wall tiles

Dry/wet/mixed - raw material processing (also heavy clay) Technical studies - Plant engineering - Project engineering - 30 years of experience in the ceramic industry. The technological revolutions in the press- and firing techniques seen from the first row as well as the big jump into the more or less full automated production process. A solid development and a long lasting occupation in the production are the basic for the knowledge for the real requirements in the Ceramics. Excellent contacts and countless discussions with end-users from all-over the world, producers of equipment and developers of processes have been sharpened the power of distinction for real innovations to technologic dead-locks. The comprehensive knowledge of the market for ceramic machinery allows, to develop especially economical and future-proof solutions for customers. English/German/ Italian. Technical Director of tile plant - Sales Director turn key tile plants. Europe - Russia - Arabia - India - Pakistan South Africa - China - Turkey - Spain - Thayland.

Sanitary Ware Team

We formed a team each covering a department of the process. General management, Technical, Economics, Project and Design, Commissioning, Training and Operational. Design from new shapes to production launching. Design engineering of new models, mother moulds for traditional casting, medium pressure and pressure casting with porous moulds of all shapes. Technology for traditional casting lines (Gypsum), battery, (gypsum), Medium pressure (gypsum) and high pressure casting with 2, 4 and multi parts moulds. Firing and Drying Technologies, Body & Glaze compositions, repairs. Expertise in handling and rationalization of process infra structure. Raw material development, crushing, mixing and blending technologies. Complete project handling. Trouble shooting, ergonomic improvements to obtain better quality and manufacturing costs. South America, West and Eastern Europe, Russia, China, South East Asia. German - English.

Kilnfurniture Specialist

East and Western Europe, China, Iran. Building-material process engineering background. Active in the porcelain industry in Germany more than 25 years now specialized in kiln furniture: Silicon Carbide, Cordierite Mullite Alumina-oxide Zircon-oxide. Tableware - Earthenware - Bone China - Stoneware - Sanitary Ware - Tiles - Bricks - Porcelain insulators - Clay bounded abrasive - Technical ceramics (ferrites). Kiln furniture concepts for new plants - Optimisation of available kiln furniture solutions - Economic / technical concepts - German - English.

Porcelain Insulators

We formed a team each covering a department of this process. General management, Technical, Economics, Project and Design, Commissioning, Training and Operational.Turning & Shaping, Drying & Firing Technologies and own machinery design. Grinding and Control methods. Body & Glaze compositions, Expertise in handling and rationalization of process infra structure. Own design and manufacture of machinery possible. Raw material development, crushing, mixing and blending technologies. Complete project handling. Trouble shooting, ergonomic improvements to obtain better quality and manufacturing costs. Projects realised in South America, West and Eastern Europe, China and South Africa.

Brick plants

The alternative concept. A complementing team offering engineering, drawings, supervision of project engineering, installation, commissioning, training and production management. At daily rates and fees, the team provides a joint project to build complete brick plants with the majority locally available materials. Hollow bricks, etc., experienced in west- & eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. French & English speaking.

Colours & Coatings

Pigments, precious metals, colours and coatings for decorating, tableware, glazes, mix in bodies, etc. Worked in developing ceramic colours ,frits and glazes for building materials industries, strong in manufacturing and developing ceramic colours, frits for white ware industries, surface effect glazes. Applications in tableware sanitary ware, roofing tiles, pipes bricks, split tiles, floor and wall tiles. Contacts and business consultancy applicable to primary materials, coatings and colours. Asia, Southern Africa and Western Europe.

Advanced Ceramics

Doctorate in materials science, developed zinc phosphate based dental cement, silicon carbide, nitride bonded silicon carbide, ceramic filters for metal filtration, ceramics metal matrix composites, etc. Strong in advanced ceramics for structural application, porous materials (insulation brick, foam filter, porous ceramics for effluent treatment, gas filtrationetc.), kiln furniture manufacturing (cordierite, mullite and non oxide based ceramics), castables for ferrous and non ferrous applications, stoneware/bone china pottery etc. Has served no. of ceramics/refractory/ceramic colours/frits and glaze/kiln furniture's/stoneware manufacturing industries in senior managerial positions for more than thirteen years.

Refractory Installations

Kiln cars (concrete & firebrick), Roof repairs, complete tunnel kiln refractory installations. Has worked in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Languages: German & English.

Raw Material Handling

Managing, Technical, Design & Projects engineering Ceramic minerals handling and conveying including the crushing, grinding and screening of the product. From pit to product, also in project management. From conceptual design to turnkey hand over. BOT - Built - Operate & Takeover. Conveying systems, crushing plants, numerous major primary process plants constructed worldwide. Southern Africa and Western Europe . English - German.


Engineer with a unique combination on a practical and theoretical high level experience. Has left working trails in East & Western Europe and Northern Africa. Upgrading, construction, commissioning and new design of driers for heavy clay industry as well as solutions for the fine ceramic industry. German - French - Dutch - English.

Electrical Kilns & Driers

Managing Director Director - Electrical Engineering. Technical ceramics, and tableware & sanitary. Electrical - Top Hat - Rotary - Tunnel - Roller - kilns. Special assigned projects of for new electrical firing and drying processes. Southern Africa, South East Asia and Western Europe.

Tunnel Kiln Plant Construction

Designed, engineered, projected and commissioned traditional tunnel kiln plants in the Middle East - Australia - Africa - East and Western Europe - Russia. Into detail: raw material, Tunnel kiln & drier design. Has numerous complete brick plant projects behind his name and been involved in every detail of the project. German - English.

Handling Equipment

Engineering, construction, design, fabrication, commissioning of all handling and transport equipment for the heavy clay industry. Mechanical and Electrical. Also special equipment design, cutters, default checking, etc. World wide references. French - German - English.

Robotic Handling

Using any make of robot, for bricks, roofing tiles, sanitary ware, tableware and tiles. Vast experience mainly in Europe. English - French - Italian.

Electronics Computer & Telecommunications

Informatics plant management, visualization & Production process control Database collecting and processing, Internet and Intranet Remote Controlwith application in industrial processes, Laboratory and Industrial Automation based on PC Computers, Database systemsusingSmartcard. Ideas for organizing the production process by real time data collecting and processing automatic production supervising. Informatics system organization. Custom made software for the items aforementioned. German - English.

Laser & Optics

Waves - radiation - rays - laser - video - optics - infra red - micro wave Any technology related to using rays, directing them, integrate, absorb or control. For recognition, fault detection, heating, measuring, firing, drying. Integration of machinery, conventional or robotics, programming, control, customized equipment. Roofing tiles - tableware - glass - sanitary ware - technical ceramics - brick industry Western Europe French - German - English.

Used Equipment

Purchasing, selling, overhauling, installing and commissioning second hand plant - machinery. Delivered in South-America, Asia, etc, mostly German equipment. Speaks English and German.

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