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Welcome to the Ceramic forum

Introducing innovative technologies for the the ceramic industry

The Ceramic Forum worldwide network with its diversified knowledge is a valuable resource to consult and will be continuously introducing innovative technologies.


The Ceramic Forum, a knowledge base of expertise contributed to by over Ceramic Forum members each specialized in their own field of technology, territory, business or management.
Herewith some examples of project involvement in the past:

Profession related:

Product related:

Equipment related:

more Global Sales & Sales

more Tableware

more Raw material handling

more Audits

more Heavy clay

more Drying

more Material science

more Sanitary ware

more Electrical kilns & driers

more Human recourses

more Kiln furniture

more Tunnel kiln plants

more Process engineering

more Environment

more Annaerobic digestion

more Contract & Project man.

more Waste to Energy

more Robotics handling

more Technical management

more Colours & coatings

more Visualisation

more Turn-key projects

more Advanced ceramics

more Laser & optics

more Freelance engineers

more Refractories

more Used equipment

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