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drying panels

Radiation Drying Panels for fast, safe, homogenous and crack free drying and pre-drying of relative thin ceramic products and raw materials: tableware - sanitary ware - technical ceramics - kiln furniture - roofing/split/punch tiles - glaze - engobe,...


Infra-Micron Panels are flat, special infrared radiation panels, with rays of a particular influence on a ceramic body. The panel's radiation surface consists of hardened glass coated with a semi-conductor. The panel is insulated at the back and framed in an aluminium profile. The Infra-Micron Panels are having a surface temperature of 160°C, whereas the product is slowely heated up, reaching a starting temperature of 40°C very quickly and reaching a maximum temperature when dry of around 90°C. 3 Sizes available where of the 1200 x 600 x 35 mm; 230 V; 1400 W; 6 A; 10 kg is the most common. No maintenance is required and the Infra-Micron heat panels are totally safe and are KEMA  (EC) tested.


The panel generates heat by stimulated infrared rays, which are emitted and penetrate homogenously in the body to a substantial extent. In addition Infra-Micron rays are reflecting against shiny metal and the moist article to be dried absorbs the photons. The process consumes electricity to elevate the infrared emitting atoms on a higher resonation level. Rays that result from this process have a length of about 7 microns in the electromagnetic wave spectrum. The changeover from electricity to the required rays is a 100% transformation, without any losses.  As the semi conductors keep emitting heat for a while after shut off electrical power the consumption can be modulating by adding an on/off contactor controlled by timer or thermostat. In this way various installations have obtained an energy consumption saving up to 40% of the installed power.  The rays bounce of reflected sheeting, do not melt rubber belts, search moist product only and drier casing does not have to be insulated. Bone china and thin porcelain dries in 45 minutes, whereas tableware in 2 hours and sanitary ware 4 hrs. Pre-drying and leather hard drying 2 to 15 minutes.InfraMicron


• Fast and homogenous drying of ceramic ware.
• Avoids cracking of product.
• Extreme low energy consumption.
• Low investment costs.
• Simple dryer casing construction and no insulation needed.
• Panels can be mounted easily in existing process line.
• Complete, cost effective  transportable, modular continuous driers.
• Unlike microwave & normal infra-red, totally safe and no side effects.


• Anywhere in an existing  ceramic process where just that extra heat is required.
• Tableware leather hard and white hard drying.
• Stiffening up pressure casted dishes for finishing during pressure casting cycle.
• Warming up plates before placing decals.
• Gypsum plaster moulds drying.
• Glaze and engobe drying of floor and wall tiles, punch/spit and roofing tiles in continuous process line.
• Drying of refractory pressed / extruded refractory bats.
• Sanitary products (before leatherhard finishing or homogenous conditioning before dryer).
• Raw material and granulate drying during transportation on conveyor belts.

Complete drying systems:

Supply of continuous modular tunnel driers are available in various configurations. The design can therefore be easily configured to fit more or less of panels by adding conveyor sections, according to quantity, size, heat requirement and output. The tunnel driers can be enlarged by adding 6 meter modules in length and 0,6 or 1,2 meter modules in the width. By having various tunnels next to each other, different products batches with different heights (and drying times) can be dried at individual cycles. The InfraMicron drying panels used are 1,2 x 0,6 meter. Either 5/6 or 10/12 InfraMicron drying panels per module. The tunnel dryers are complete with electrical supply - control cabinet.

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